Lexus of Naperville knows how to treat us Lexus buyers during cold chicago days.


What’s up, Club. This is Channing out of Naperville and I wanted to drop a line to the club to tell them about my experience when purchasing another Lexus over in Naperville.

So as you guys know, it’s cold as all hell in Chicago this week with temperatures already dipping below zero with the windchill and there is still a good amount of snow and ice about the streets. Knowing that Christmas is right around the corner, I went into the Naperville dealership in order to finalize my wife’s EX I’m having parked outside on Christmas day. Well I wasn’t too keen on doing this in subzero temps but the guys over at the dealership not only had the cars ready,  but they already had them warmed up in the adjacent buildings and ready to go!! Not only that, but they had the famous test track open and completely de-iced and cleared.




There was even a write-up about it in the Herald.

No need to brave the wind and ice for Lexus shoppers in Naperville.

Dealership employees teamed up to fetch cars for test drivers, bring them inside a sheltered garage and warm them up, saving the customer the chill and hazard, salesman Andy Farraher said.

“We certainly make sure that all the cars are running every day to make sure the cars stay warm in the cold,” he said.

When customers stepped into their warmed-up rides, they’d head over to the nearby Naperville Test Track, an unusual closed course that lets customers experience multiple driving scenarios.

“We’re lucky that it’s well-maintained,” Farraher said about the track. “Even in the snow.”

If you haven’t been on the test track yet, you need to do that.