Irongate Condos In Naperville for the true enthusiast


Fresh new condos are appearing in Naperville, but they’re not exactly what you visualize when you imagine condominiums. It won’t be suburban white picket fence and a dog type dwelling in the two-story complex.

It will be a residence for enthusiast car collections.

Located on Ferry Road, on the western side of Route 59, the 35-acre Iron Gate Motor Condominium was tailored to provide a protected, regulated location in which automobile enthusiasts can keep their automobiles away from the house.

Designer MikeDelaney said collecting cars is part of American heritage.

“An extra one or two or ten has been something that the culture has supported, and the enthusiast community has embraced. So having a collection of cars has been something that’s become fairly popular,” he said.

Delaney mentioned each garage area has a second level; which some owners have equipped with kitchens, restrooms, and studios, so they can entertain friends and family while flaunting their wheels.

iron-gate-condo“We’ve come in to spice up things for several of these auto condos.” Said J Belsen of “Adding Reclaimed wood to floors and walls has been one of our specialties at Irongate. The first project we worked on at the condo was because we were building out a den off of one of our naperville finished basement remodel and the owner loved the work on the den so much, he asked us to bring the same look and feel to his auto condo. From there we’ve been fortunate to take our knowledge of basement remodels in naperville and bring it to a totally different space.” He said.

“Each of them includes a second-story den area,” he said.

Burgess said all kinds of cars have are being housed at Iron Gate.

“There’s everything from brand new stuff that older guys have, and the old stuff that younger guys have, and everything in between,” he said.

The New Ls Sedan teased before the Detroit International Autoshow


We are currently anticipating and right about a month away from the North American International Auto Show in The Motor City, which means it’s about that time for the teasers to start falling out of the sky.

That brings us to Lexus and its LS sedan.

There’s a reasonable bit to gather from the teaser graphic for the forthcoming LS. The front end showcases the identical spindle grille as other updated Lexus styles, and it seems the fronts lights will adhere to in the same convention, placing a thin section of headlight plainly above an even slimmer section of running lights. Anticipate far more evolution than revolution in that respect

However, what we do not observe is somewhat telling, as well. The entire top half as well as rear end of the vehicle is missing, leading me to believe that this part of the car will undergo the most progressive overhaul.

Lexus hasn’t revised virtually any of its own sedans to complement the same wild appearance observed in its crossovers like the RX and NX, therefore the LS could certainly be the first to shift in that inclination.

If the LC coupe is any type of sign, it’ll be a knockout.

The V-8 LC 500 is a coupe to covet.


The V-8 LC 500 will certainly be the base version, as well as the LC 500h crossbreed will certainly be the leading trim degree, with Lexus placing it as the extra optioned-up grand touring variation of both. However, Lexus anticipates 85 to 90 percent of UNITED STATE purchasers will certainly select the LC 500 while the crossbreed will certainly see far better take prices abroad.

Added versions of the LC are most likely. An exchangeable variation would certainly be the very first ahead to market, providing dealerships their long-sought Lexus droptop and also a response to the LC’s rivals, all which use an exchangeable model.

The system is structurally able to suit an exchangeable, Koji Sato, the primary designer of the LC and also system designer for the GA-L, informed Automotive Information. The LC additionally has the product packaging room for four-wheel drive.

A high-performance LC F version is additionally most likely, yet this can take a while. A turbocharged variation of the 5.0-liter V-8 would not be feasible in the LC, inning accordance with an additional designer at journalism launch. This implies the brand name would certainly need to wait till a brand-new generation of turbocharged V-8 bows, most likely in a midcycle upgrade of the LC.

This even more friendly halo has Lexus carefully confident regarding LC sales. It anticipates regular monthly UNITED STATE sales of around 400 for the LC sports car, numbers that appear sensible compared to the core rivals Lexus mentions: Jaguar’s F-Type, BMW’s 6 collection as well as Mercedes’ SL and also S-class sports car.

Lexus of Naperville knows how to treat us Lexus buyers during cold chicago days.


What’s up, Club. This is Channing out of Naperville and I wanted to drop a line to the club to tell them about my experience when purchasing another Lexus over in Naperville.

So as you guys know, it’s cold as all hell in Chicago this week with temperatures already dipping below zero with the windchill and there is still a good amount of snow and ice about the streets. Knowing that Christmas is right around the corner, I went into the Naperville dealership in order to finalize my wife’s EX I’m having parked outside on Christmas day. Well I wasn’t too keen on doing this in subzero temps but the guys over at the dealership not only had the cars ready,  but they already had them warmed up in the adjacent buildings and ready to go!! Not only that, but they had the famous test track open and completely de-iced and cleared.




There was even a write-up about it in the Herald.

No need to brave the wind and ice for Lexus shoppers in Naperville.

Dealership employees teamed up to fetch cars for test drivers, bring them inside a sheltered garage and warm them up, saving the customer the chill and hazard, salesman Andy Farraher said.

“We certainly make sure that all the cars are running every day to make sure the cars stay warm in the cold,” he said.

When customers stepped into their warmed-up rides, they’d head over to the nearby Naperville Test Track, an unusual closed course that lets customers experience multiple driving scenarios.

“We’re lucky that it’s well-maintained,” Farraher said about the track. “Even in the snow.”

If you haven’t been on the test track yet, you need to do that.

Spotted in the wild… The Lexus LFA

Look at this damn thing……


For those that don’t know, this is the Lexus LFA. And if you didn’t know what this was and you call yourself a true lexus aficionado, get out. Only 150 of the LFA have originally been built for the US market which is why if you see one for sale, you’re looking at paying a cool 300,000k or more.

Hope you’ve got those pennies saved up.